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Speak for the Dead - digital version

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Who speaks for those with no voice of their own?

The streets of Crawfield belong to the vigilantes. In a suburb of crime, neglect, and petty vandalism the only law is the swift and exacting justice laid down by those who take law into their own hands.

With everything she cares about taken away from her, Jade is left alone in a bad part of town, just trying to survive from day to day. When frustration and resentment boils over, she lashes out. Targeting the endless small-time criminals of Crawfield gives her an outlet, but draws more attention than she could have predicted.

In the dark labyrinth of Crawfield's alleys and abandoned buildings, it can be hard to see where right ends and wrong begins. Jade is being watched, and someone intends to remind her what her actions mean. What price will they ask, and will it be too high to pay?